How long to leave the Bandage On?

Leave the bandage on for a minimum of two hours. The dressings we use are beneficial as they allow the tattoo to breathe, while also being thick enough to protect the skin from bacteria and are incredibly absorbent.

Plastic Wrap or Bandage?

We use both. Numerous tattoo artists are firm believers in wrapping new tattoos in plastic wrap. While many more who disagrees. Wraps are easy to apply and remove without sticking to the skin. It also forms an effective barrier which shields your tattoo from any bacteria.

Plastic Wrap.

Those who are against the plastic wrap do so because it prevents the skin from breathing and oxygen is vital for speedy healing. It seals in the plasma and raises the temperature of the area, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. We suggest to prevent this frequently clean and change the wrap.

Do not Rip your Bandage off.

Take a shower and soak the bandage off if it sticks do not rip the bandage. Keep the tattoo clean after the dressing has been taken off. It is an open wound. Wash with anti-bacterial/ mild soap. Allow it to air dry or very carefully pat dry with a clean paper roll.

Both types of bandages have been used successfully.

Do keep in mind that plastic wrap will need to be changed and the tattoo cleaned much more frequently than with other bandaging, to prevent the build-up of bacteria. Especially if you are living in a humid country.

Swelling and Discomfort.

Expect your newly done tattoo to be sensitive, red and swollen. This goes off after a day or so, some a little longer. Everyone heals at a different rate. If in doubt call us or drop by to see us we will assist.

My Tattoo is Wet and Weeping Ink?

Your tattoo will seep out ink and plasma in the first couple of days. The fluid color may be the same as your tattoo. This is normal, and it does not mean that your tattoo will fade out.


Keep your tattoo moist; allowing it to dry out will result in thick scabs that will crack or bleed. This will cause the tattoo to have patches and crack lines when it is healed up. It slows the healing process and will possibly damage the tattoo.

Antispetic Creams.

Apply a mild antiseptic cream to use for the first three to seven days or up until the area starts drying up. Then you should cease to use this antiseptic cream and switch to a tattoo aftercare product like After Ink or Tattoo Goo.

Peeling and Scabbing.

Dry skin will start to peel or flake away from the entire tattoo, much like the sensation you get from sunburn. It is part of the healing.

Applying my Own Cream.

You may apply products of your own, but please be aware that certain products may react with your healing skin or may not provide enough moisture to ease the dry skin.

Shower and Perspiration.

Perspiration and going to the gym or a run is fine. As long as you are not in any discomfort and your fresh tattoo is protected. Yes, Showers are great and washing will do you good.

Do Not Pick Your Tattoo.

It will itch during this period pat but do not scratch. Your tattoo is very sensitive, and you may end up scratching, leading to an infection.

Activities to Refrain From.

No swimming in the pool or sea for at least two to three weeks after it’s been done. Sauna and Spas are also not recommended.

Avoid Direct Sunlight.

Do not expose your healing tattoo to direct sunlight for at least two weeks. It will take one to four weeks to heal. A more massive tattoo will typically take longer to heal than a tiny outlined symbol. If you get a rash or any unusual symptoms on or around the tattoo, contact us as soon as possible.