Sumithra Debi granddaughter of the late grandmaster tattoo artist Indra Bahadur known for his Two Thumbs on his right hand. Sumithra Debi’s uncles, Singha Bahadur and Harka Bahadur are the two sons who acquired the skills of the family trade. Now passing on the knowledge to the third generation. Harka Bahadur the youngest son of Indra Bahadur first introduced Sumithra Debi his niece to their family trade at the age of 15. A traditional old-school apprenticeship that guided and schooled Sumithra Debi into leading the next generation of the Tattoo Family Business.

Now going on 20 years Sumithra Debi is not only a tattoo artist and a painter but she is a certified technician that specializes in Paramedical Tattooing also know as Medical micro pigmentation. This type of tattooing helps individuals who have at times gone through physical life-altering changes. This procedure will help them achieve closure and gain back their confidence.

Creating an appearance of a two-dimensional areola and nipple repigmentation for ladies who have gone through breast surgeries, scar camouflage, Alopecia and reducing the appearance of scars and camouflaging it with custom tattoo designs. Covering these scars with positive beautiful designs are what Sumithra Debi does best.

The Family business is managed by Sakuntala Debi daughter of the late Indra Bahadur and her two children Santosh and Sumithra who runs the family tattoo business which was founded by the late Indra Bahadur who started the family tattoo business in 1942.