14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza #04-103B (4,309.26 km) 228213 Singapore

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Tuesday -Saturday
11.30am – 7pm
Sunday – 11.30am – 6pm
Closed - Mondays & P.H

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+65 68340558


Namaste to all, and welcome to our Gurkha Tattoo Family. Our humble family trade craft started in 1942 by our grandfather Indra Bahadur in the mountainous region of Shillong. We are proud to be Singapore’s Pioneer Tattoo Family. Three generations of tattoo artists since 1942.

Our Services

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Body Piercing Price Range

Body Piercing Price Range

We offer a wide range of body piercings services ranging from $35 – $110. All piercing prices are inclusive of stud a high-grade 316 implant-grade steel stud (SSS) or Titanium (Ti) jewelry. For sensitive skin types, you can upgrade to a Titanium Stud at $10/stud.


Our minimum price for tattoos starts at $60. Our Charges are based on the size and complexity of the design. We do accept walk-ins. Female & male tattoo artists are available. All tattoo sessions are conducted in a private room.
Piercing & Jewellery Changing Services

Piercing & Jewellery Changing Services

For Piercings or Tattoo bookings, Contact us at +65 68340558. We offer a wide selection of hypoallergenic jewelry such as titanium, implant grade steel, and organic wood plugs excellent for new piercings and sensitive skin types.
Tattoo & Piercing After Care Products

Tattoo & Piercing After Care Products

We offer a wide range of tattoo & piercing aftercare products. Tattoo Goo, Balms, lotions, AfterInked products, and Hustle Butter Cream. Piercing products such as H2ocean sea salt spray, Neilmed Saline. Ment to suit all skin types and assist you with the care for your new piercing or tattoo.

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Vintage Tattoo Machines

Indra Bahadur with the assistance of his eldest son Singha Bahadur custom, made all his tattoo machines. These machines are kept in excellent working condition to this day his son Harkha Bahadur. These machines were made from all kinds of parts ingeniously place together. He is machine parts ranging from the hard rubber heel of a shoe to a gramophone spring. Lastly, he was very secretive of his machines and to protect his trade from prying eyes, he devised a cover to conceal the tattoo guns......

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New Lucky Store Singapore

A nostalgic photo captured with Indra Bahadur and a friend outside New Lucky Store in 1960s. The shop was situated at 37 Bras Basah Road. New Lucky Store started in 1959 in Singapore by Indra Bahadur the two thumbed Gurkha tattoo artist. Today these cluster of shophouses has been transformed into Rendezvous Hotel Singapore....

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Two Thumbed Gurkha Tattoo Artist

Indra Bahadur became famous for his undeniable artistic abilities but most of all his unique identity that captivated all who knew him as the Two Thumbed Gurkha Tattoo Artist. For the tattoo master genuinely had two thumbs on his right tattoo hand. He painstakingly crafted his tattoo machines to custom to fit the grip of his hand....

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1959 Original Tattoo Flash by drawn by Tattoo Master Indra Bahadur

Hand-drawn illustrations of popular tattoo designs in the 1950s.These tattoo flash were framed up on the walls of New Lucky Store. The framed designs had numbers on them; the customer would point out the design they wanted to get tattooed. Indra would then draw the design freehand directly onto the skin with a simple pen. Many of these designs had the letters ‘NFLP’,  which meant ‘not for local people.’ They were emblems that gangs used and Indra was banned from tattooing these on the locals in......

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